Coming US Congressional Elections of 2014

Third-Party Candidates Could Disrupt 2014 Midterms

July 30, 2014 – Jay Newton-Small Time Magazine “For most of modern era, third-party candidates were the crazy uncles of U.S. Senate elections, fun to watch and almost never relevant.” “That is now changing.” “10 of the 12 Senate seats in play this cycle have drawn third-party challengers, and nine of those races have Libertarian Party candidates-“ “’s yet another reminder that the Tea Party isn’t going away and won’t be ignored.”

Third-Party Candidates WILL Disrupt 2016 Presidential Elections

Coming January 2, 2015. Instant Runoff Graded voting for 2016 President candidates. The potential candidates for potential political party nomination candidates AND Americans Elect nomination candidates AND nonpartisan signature qualified candidates for the US Presidential Election of 2016.